Justo & Bueno Get Resources To Pay Off Their Debts

Justo & Bueno Get Resources To Pay Off Their Debts

The new owner of Honest and good, JF Capital International Limitedindicated that the retail chain will receive some funds by May 10 at the latest to be able to cancel its debts related to the economic crisis that it is currently presenting.

At the same time, they are celebrating the new owner’s vision to extend this business model, which has successfully evolved in Colombia, to all Latin America.

“We appreciate the great commitment of JF Capital to complete this purchase in record time and which would normally take no less than 6 months on the market. We are confident in the agreements we have reached with the new owner, in his capabilities and the plans he has to strengthen our operation in Colombia, as a growth center to other countries such as Mexico, Ecuador and Argentina,” the statement said.

Source: El heraldo