Same price beer, but a sip less

Same price beer, but a sip less

Diederik van Korven, editor of Biernet, is dissatisfied with the small glass. “You are misleading the consumer. That is why you mainly see it in discos and night bars where they work with unbranded glasses. I think the vase was always 25 cl and the whistle 20 cl.”

Heineken whistle is also smaller

However, the Heineken brewer has decided to adapt to the catering industry and has started producing whistles with a capacity of 18 cl again. A spokesperson said: “We have also brought back the small yellow beer. There is 16 cl in this glass,” he explains.

“We give catering entrepreneurs the freedom to do what they want with their guests.” However, he also admits that “the vase was 25cl and will remain so”.


Although you can also buy vases and whistles in other sizes, Nieuwenhoven does not accept what breweries offer to the hospitality industry. “There remains a debate about the default content of a pint.” He also realized that breweries are opportunistic.

“For example, on King’s Day breweries were advised to work with 20 cl plastic containers, otherwise the capacity of their beer tanks would be insufficient. So they do what suits them best at the moment.”

Source: RTL