10,000 customers of bankrupt Amsterdam Trade Bank reimbursed –

De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) reports in an NOS update that almost 10,000 customers of the bankrupt Amsterdam Trade Bank (ATB) have received their money back. This concerns more than half of the 700 million euros that 23,000 savers have invested in ATB.

DNB pays up to 100,000 euros. Savers who have more money in their account with ATB will receive 100,000 euros and must declare the remaining amount to the two trustees who manage the bankruptcy. It is unclear whether they will receive the remaining amount.

The bankruptcy of ATB, a subsidiary of the Russian bank Alfa, is the first bankruptcy of a bank in our country since DSB bank in 2009. AB,” says Hans Kooy of DNB. “By comparison, it took us two months at DSB in 2009, so we’re happy with how things are going so far. We are on schedule and customers can get their money back quickly.”

Source: NOS