Summer departure from Schiphol: can higher rates prevent flight cancellations? †

That is easier said than done, says Ton Wilthagen, professor of the labor market in Tilburg. “The baggage handlers, the guards, these are physically or emotionally demanding jobs. Not everyone can and wants to do this.

For new staff, Schiphol is therefore dependent on people from the region who already exercise similar professions. “So they have to keep them away from other companies. Then you have to award first prize in the current labor market. I don’t know if Schiphol can do that, it’s not ASML.”

In addition, people must have confidence in the company. “The picture is not so good at the moment,” says Wilthagen. “The picture is that the staff works in a ‘flexible shell’ for contractors, people don’t like to leave their jobs for that.”

All in all, Wilthagen does not see very great opportunities for Schiphol for the summer. “It is very difficult to make a difference in such a short time. I don’t see Schiphol making an offer that affects the market.”

Last weekend there were also a lot of people at the airport:

Source: NOS