Schiphol: Apologies for the chaos that limits the number of flights during rush hour –

Schiphol: Apologies for the chaos that limits the number of flights during rush hour –

Schiphol is going to set a limit on the number of flights during peak periods. The airport also wants to better compensate its staff in order to attract more security and baggage personnel. That said Schiphol CEO Dick Benschop in a speech to the press. He also apologized to passengers for the chaos and waiting times at the airport.

“The May holiday we are currently experiencing at Schiphol hurts,” says Benschop. The past week at the airport has been chaotic due to staff shortages and an unexpected number of passengers. Passengers had to wait hours for their flights to be cancelled. “It is not the level of quality you expect from Schiphol”, says Benschop.

Schiphol will enter into consultation with the industry for the first time next week to limit the number of flights.

The airport had drawn up a timetable seven weeks before the holiday. “It was already tight.” In the first weekend, an unexpected strike was added, which immediately caused chaos. “There were also more passengers than expected and ten percent fewer security guards due to flu and corona.”

“Don’t pass the problems on to others”

These security guards often work for subcontractors. During the corona era, it was quieter at Schiphol and security officers got jobs in construction, for example. Yet an expert says that Schiphol cannot pass the problems on to its contractors.

Aviation lawyer Jochem Croon explains that Schiphol is legally obliged to ensure the proper functioning of essential facilities that are necessary for good control of air traffic, such as security and baggage handling. “Even if the airport operator delegates this task to someone else, that does not absolve him of this legal responsibility.”

Last weekend there were long queues at the airport:

Source: NOS