Families in action: delivery of the second payment cycle of the year begins

Families in action: delivery of the second payment cycle of the year begins

This Thursday begins the second payment cycle of Families in Action, which corresponds to the December 2021 and January 2022 verification period.

The funds will be available to 626,153 households across the country until May 24.

This cycle will provide health incentives to households with children under six; and to households with children and adolescents who study in schools with the school calendar B.

Pierre García Jacquier, director (e) of Social Prosperity, reminded households that the program offers educational incentives five times a year.

“During the holiday period, the verification process is not carried out and therefore the settlement of the premium is not carried out, as is the case in this cycle,” the official said.

The national government investment for this cycle is $106,435 million.

Program holders should check which operator in their municipality corresponds with them and which channel will provide the resources, in order to avoid crowds.

The schedule for each municipality, the pay points, the allies and the schedules will be socialized by the municipal liaisons and through the channels offered by the financial operators of the program.

The holders should take the biosecurity measures into account and bear in mind that in several municipalities the organization applies via account and card.

SuperGiros is the delivery person per Giro mode in 277 municipalities, in which it has more than 1,955 pay points, and will only deliver the incentives via the money order method.

Movii is the administrator of the program in 828 municipalities and provides deliveries by bank transfer and by payment on Movii account for those who are already registered and have the app. For this cycle, Movii has strengthened its alliances for providing incentives through the spin mode.

For more information about the program, please refer to the website: https://prosperidadsocial.gov.co/sgpp/transferencias/familias-en-accion/.

Source: El heraldo