“We have restored 95 or 96% of the jobs lost during the pandemic”

“I don’t think it’s a sword of Damocles, it’s a global phenomenon. If only it was a Colombian phenomenon you could say ‘we have the tools to lower it’, but it’s catching on United StatesEurope, South America, Central America, Asia, all over the world,” he said.

Duque added that the reasons for inflation around the world are due to “that mismatch that started in logistics in the supply of containers and now because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine† They are phenomena that come from outside.

For the president, his administration has made significant progress in the economic field, stressing that in 2021 the higher growth in this area in the history of the country.

“Last year we grew 10.6%, the highest growth in our history, this year we grew above 5.8%. We’ve also practically regained 95 or 96 percent of the jobs that we lost during the pandemic, we’ve managed to reduce multidimensional povertyeconomic, monetary and extreme monetary,” he said.

Likewise, Duque Márquez emphasized that consumption in the country has increased, showing that economic activity is “producing results” despite inflation.

Source: El heraldo