The potential of the Caribbean coast is a competitive advantage

The main strength of the Caribbean Coast for the development of offshore wind projects is the power of the wind.

Experts and connoisseurs of the energy sector agree on this.

The advantage of Colombia is that the wind speed in the Caribbean is above the world average and reaches values ​​of 12 m/s.

That is why the region is attractive for investments in this type of project.

“Colombia has some of the strongest offshore winds in the world. Harnessing this resource through offshore wind energy can boost a low-carbon, sustainable and secure energy system while being a major generator of jobs and resources for the local economy,” he said. peter siegenthalermanager of World Bank for Colombia

The World Bank supported the Ministry of Mines and Energy in the design and preparation of the offshore wind energy roadmap, which puts Colombia at the level of other countries in the region, such as Argentina and Brazil, which have made progress in regulating and regulating these projects.

Source: El heraldo