The ANM has awarded four new strategic coastal copper mining areas

The ANM has awarded four new strategic coastal copper mining areas

The National Mining Agency (ANM) has awarded four blocks of Strategic Mining Areas (AEM) in the municipalities of San Diego and La Paz, in Cesar, with high copper and polymetallic potential to the company Colombia Gold SAS

This is part of the first copper mining round, launched by the national government in February 2021, with the aim of increasing the attractiveness of investments and creating an innovative, transparent and competitive mechanism.

The four awards represent approximately $57 billion in exploration investment and 2% of additional compensation, excluding royalties.

The company Colombia Gold SAS presented offers for the four blocks located in the municipalities of San Diego and La Paz, in Cesar, with a total area of ​​13,883 hectares.

After the deadline for the submission of counter-offers passed, none were received for the blocks within the objective selection process of the copper and polymetallic AEMs by the authorized or limited authorized participants of the Anna Minería platform. Therefore , the bidder who made the first bid was awarded .

The ANM reported that the proposal met the technical, legal, environmental, socially responsible and financial requirements required by Resolution 083 of March 2021, issued by the entity.

“These designated areas provide investors with consolidated social-level scenarios, have coordination and agreement with the territorial authorities and certification of prior consultations by the Department of the Interior, as well as access to updated environmental information and a baseline, facilitating permitting procedures,” said the President of the ANM, Juan Miguel Durán Prieto.

He explained that the special contracts provide competitive terms to promote mine exploration in the country and provide clear rules to advance the exploration and exploitation of deposits. In this way, management and alliances with the territory and the strategic vision of the company have been prioritized, allowing the development of projects leading to diversification of mining.

Likewise, the executive pointed out that the AEM allows the generation of additional resources for the nation and for the regions through economic considerations in addition to royalties, as well as direct investment in the region derived from the social management plans of the contracts.

He emphasized that the mining rounds are a tool to achieve mineral diversification and promote exploration in the country through a flexible, competitive and transparent process with clearly defined times to access mining areas with high potential.

The ANM has declared six strategic mining areas in the Caribbean, with high potential for copper minerals, four in the department of Cesar and two in La Guajira, five of which have already been awarded. The first AEM contract was awarded in 2021, which corresponds to Block 4 in La Guajira.

Copper is a necessary mineral for the transition to alternative energy, therefore the commitment of countries in renewable energy projects is an opportunity for Colombia to exploit its mineral potential, especially regarding the production of polymetals in which various base metals such as copper stand out.

Source: El heraldo