Colombia will promote its sustainable investment opportunities in New York

Colombia will promote its sustainable investment opportunities in New York

With the aim of promoting the internationalization of Colombia’s capital market and attracting foreign direct investment to the country, the 11th edition of Colombia InsideOut will be held in New York on May 10-11.

The business meeting is being hosted by the Colombian Stock Exchange (BVC) and ProColombia with the support of Citi as its main ally and will be held at the company’s New York headquarters facilities.

The Colombia InsideOut will be streamed to business audiences from Latin American, European and Asian markets, who will learn, along with in-person attendees, about the progress made in Colombia’s reactivation and economic growth, as well as investment opportunities in capitals and in segments such as energy, infrastructure, manufacturing, tourism, agribusiness and IT.

There will also be face-to-face meetings between companies listed on the Colombian Stock Exchange and potential investor clients of Citi.

“By returning in person and en masse to this meeting with investors, we can talk personally about the aspects that have changed, how companies have continued to function and grow and how they have adapted to a new post-pandemic world; make strategic changes or adapt your vision to a much more sustainable world. That is, the active dynamism of business and the participation of investors are returning in a new phase,” said Juan Pablo Córdoba Garcés, President of the BVC.

This event is part of the celebration of 200 years of bilateral relations with the United States, 10 years of NAFTA and 30 years of ProColombia.

Flavia Santoro, president of ProColombia, said that “this is the ideal setting to show international entrepreneurs the opportunities that we offer in our territory as an investment center in the region and as an export platform. One of our objectives is to innovate and strengthen of the interest of foreign investment in projects with a social, environmental and sustainable vocation for the development and competitiveness of the country”.

“Colombia is a strategic area in the region. Being able to connect members of the government, corporate clients of the bank and global investors in our headquarters is a great opportunity to raise capital and realize investment projects that will support the development and progress of the country, generating employment and the promotion of economic, social and environmental well-being,” said Pablo Del Valle, Citi Country Officer for Colombia.

Source: El heraldo