They set the prices at which the flour must reach the ton

They set the prices at which the flour must reach the ton

They set the prices at which the flour must reach the ton

They were founded by the Secretary of the Interior; They will carry out checks to verify the compatibility of the bag they have subsidized with the goods.

Secretary of Internal Trade, Roberto Fellet
Secretary of Internal Trade, Roberto Fellet

After the government created the “Argentine Wheat Stabilizer Fund” and set reference prices for various flours that reach up to a ton. The secretary of internal trade in charge of Roberto Felleti set out the values ​​at which factories should sell these goods. In addition, adjustments have been made to the various requirements that flour suppliers must meet in order to facilitate their participation in this fund.

Recall that to address this fund, which will be distributed from $ 370 million to $ 400 million, the government has increased export taxes on soy flour and oil.

“It is convenient to combine the reference price to give more confidence to the sector’s operations,” said one of the opinions in Resolution 439, published today in the Official Gazette on the value of goods.

“It is necessary to adjust to the requirements that must be met by the applicants of the recipients in order to ensure greater speed of operation,” he added in another section.

In this context, Annex III describes a table with basic milling products, free of charge and without shipping costs. Namely: 000 ordinary flour for 1200 dollars [bolsa de 25 kilos]; Ordinary 0000 flour for $ 1440; 000 quality 24/26 gluten flour will have a base value of 000 flour plus 10%; Flour 000 quality 26/28 gluten will have a base value of flour 000 plus 20%, flour over 000 quality 28 gluten will have flour 000 000 plus 30%; Tapera flour $ 1560; Semolina up to $ 1560; Conditioned and special flour (English), premixes and wholemeal flour will have a base value of 000 flours plus up to 50%.

As it reads, “The prices shown are for presentations in 25kg containers, to pass the bulk value, the cost per ton will be multiplied by 39.25 per bag.”

As for logistics costs by regions, the regulations stipulate that the following values ​​should be added: Buenos Aires Province, 3.50%; Up to CABA 3.50%; Centro, Cuyo and Litoral, 5.50%; NEA and NOA – 7%, and Patagonia – 8%.

Another important issue addressed in the resolution is the price update, which is determined on a monthly basis by the executive body taking into account the following parameters: “40% of the monthly variation in the average theoretical FAS value published by the Ministry of Agriculture in pesos, in the month immediately preceding the month in which the compensation is calculated; 30% of the monthly variation in the Wholesale Price Index (IPIM) for the last month available on the Indec website, five business days before the start of the month for which the increase is calculated; A 30% monthly variation of the payroll index published by Indec is available for the last month, five business days before the start of the month for which the increase is calculated. If the formula described above gives a value of less than 1%, the minimum monthly adjustment will be 1%.

As for wheat, raw materials, when the scheme was announced, the government set the price of wheat at $ 25,000 per ton, which poses difficulties for various operators.

“Silver is not going to come to them, because the government has set a price of 25,000 dollars per ton and now the price is 43,000 dollars. In other words, the mill must receive a subsidy of almost 20,000 pesos for each ton of wheat, ”said a market source.

According to Internal Trade, yesterday, Phellet met with the authorities of the frying, baking, fresh pasta and noodle sector to operate the wheat trust.

“The Internal Trade Secretariat has taken all steps to build trust and access to funds, with the necessary institutional and legal framework. “We can allocate funds to ensure the price of wheat,” Felleti said.

The official was waiting for the audit to ensure that the subsidized prices will finally reach the public in the final product, that is bread.

“To control and monitor the proper functioning of this mechanism, AMBA will conduct inspections by the Secretariat and in the provinces, work will be done to coordinate research with the Federal Council for Internal Trade (COFECI). We are going to trace the stock exchange, “Comercio Interior was informed.

For his part, Feletti warned: “Those who turn out to have received a subsidized bag, but do not follow the agreed price, will be punished.


Source: La Nacion