DPS: Coverage of Social Programs Tripled in the Atlantic

DPS: Coverage of Social Programs Tripled in the Atlantic

In the Atlantic, there are more than 533 thousand beneficiaries of the five national government remittance programs. This figure nearly triples the coverage that existed three and a half years ago, which was 178,000 people.

The director (e) of Social Welfare, Pierre García Jacquier, pointed out in an interview with EL HERALDO that the same national trend is visible in the department, as Colombia went from 4 million beneficiaries of these programs to more than 11 million to the date .

“In concrete terms, this means that three in five Colombians receive direct and indirect support from the national government through Social Prosperity,” he said.

The money transfer programs managed by the entity are Solidarity Income, VAT Refund, Families in Action, Youth in Action and Colombia Mayor.

He stressed that the progress made has enabled the country to significantly reduce the incidence of extreme and multidimensional monetary poverty between 2020 and 2021.

“In Atlántico, these results were more observed, because if monetary poverty was reduced at the national level from 42.5% to 39.5% (between 2020 and 2021), it fell in the department from 40.2% to 35.6 % and was consolidated as the one with the lowest poverty rate on the Caribbean coast,” he explained.

Source: El heraldo