More than honor at stake: Feyenoord can win with a win

This puts the counter for the winter holidays at 6.3 million euros.

Increasingly profitable

Then the pots give more. Net 6 tons reaching the qualification stages. The Conference League quarter-finals are worth 1 million and reaching the semi-finals is stealing the box office for 2 million.

Until yesterday evening, Feyenoord was insured for European bonuses of 9.9 million euros for his sporting achievements. Due to the place of Feyenoord in the European club rankings, more than a million will be added anyway.

Dream scenario: 17 million euros

Because Rotterdammers sat with their lips together in a rotating stadium in Marseille. Feyenoord added another 3 million euros yesterday. And if the club can be crowned the first winner of the Conference League on 25 May, another 2 million euros will be added, bringing the total to 16 million euros.

And that’s not all. The distribution of television funds, which has not yet been precisely calculated, will certainly yield a ton more. If the fairytale eventually ends well, UEFA will transfer approximately 17 million euros to De Kuip. Always delicious.

Source: RTL