Hangover after a football game: can you call your boss sick?

Hangover after a football game: can you call your boss sick?

watch the final

Then another case. Two million people watched Feyenoord football yesterday. In the final, probably more people want to see the game. This is not a big deal, because football is played at 9 pm. But what if you work in shifts and have to work in the evenings?

Besselink: “An employer can only refuse a leave request for serious reasons. The bar is high. The final is only 20 days later, the employer still has time to complete the program. But imagine that you work in a refectory in Rotterdam. there is a staff shortage: you may have to come at that time This requires customization Your usual work evening, have you scheduled yet?

refuse to work

Anyone who doesn’t get permission and still stands on the sidelines can be fired. Then he refuses to work. It is generally not allowed, although it is not a ground for instant dismissal.” Some employees who do not take leave may call in sick.

“Unless the fans are caught watching the match on TV or on social media, it cannot be proven to the employer. Then you can be fired.”

Acid for employers

Back to the hangover. A smart person wouldn’t tell the boss it was because of the pints of beer. Besselink: “That is usually the problem. Employees rarely say this honestly. And urgently calling a company doctor is more expensive than accepting a medical report. It’s bittersweet for employers,” says Besselink.

This ironic feeling is that if someone says this honestly and as a company you can take a vacation or pay cut. “A true fan is reckless, especially in the euphoria of winning. But as a company, you may have a problem with your day trading.”

Source: RTL