Schiphol will consult with airlines this weekend about crowds

Schiphol will consult with airlines this weekend about crowds

Schiphol Airport is in consultation with airlines and travel agencies about measures due to the expected crowds at the airport next weekend. Discussions focus on the possibility of transferring flights to another airport, such as Rotterdam The Hague airport or Eindhoven airport. Canceling reservations or canceling flights is not an option at the moment.

The May holidays will come to an end next weekend, so large crowds are expected again.

Schiphol asked airlines last weekend to cancel reservations to avoid chaos. KLM canceled 47 flights, other airlines refused to cancel flights or reservations. Several planes escaped to Rotterdam. There were long queues that caused significant delays. Due to the crowds, many passengers missed their flights.

Rotterdam or Eindhoven

A KLM spokesperson confirms that he has received a request from Schiphol to reconsider the flight schedule for this weekend. No decision has been made yet.

The airports of Rotterdam and Eindhoven have announced that they are open to rescheduling flights from Schiphol, but have limited capacity due to the same holiday crowds. Eindhoven Airport can handle eight flights on Saturday and Sunday, while Rotterdam The Hague airport can only handle a few flights.

Travel agents Corendon and TUI have already decided to transport some flights to Rotterdam.

Source: NOS