Foreign Legion (False) Appearance (Column) –

Foreign Legion (False) Appearance (Column) –

I envision the need to contribute to all these initiatives, but not to deliberately indulge in terror and violence. This of course also stems from the luxurious position in which I was born: in the Netherlands, war has always been a spectacle away from my bed.

I was a little boy during the Balkan War, but ever since that war started, the Western world has been bombarded with images of heroic Ukrainians claiming to defend the freedom of Europe. And this media storm is affecting men and women like my client.

An example shows that 6% of our population was ready to go to the Eastern Front after the new popular hero, President Zelensky, called for foreign volunteers to join the Legion of Foreigners. In the meantime, 200 Dutch people have registered for this. My client could be one of them.

Or do they know which wasp nest they are in? I do not think so. No one knows where the new legion will be stationed. And it makes a big difference whether you have to serve in a field hospital or at the front in Kharkov. Young men who go to the front without any military experience run the risk of becoming cannon fodder. You could therefore even argue that we should forbid inexperienced troops to fight against the Russian army with simple weapons: the Netherlands has a duty to be wary of its citizens.

That is why the Minister of Defense strongly advises against participating in the armed struggle in Ukraine: the travel advice for Ukraine is dark red for some reason. But guys like my clients don’t watch the debates on Politics24. However, they are bursting with slick war movies of all kinds: almost Hollywood stuff with a clear lead role for the Ukrainian president.

In order to provide a healthy resistance to this war propaganda machine, the Dutch government must better inform its population about the dangers of war.

It is difficult to understand what drives people to join this struggle. And this will vary from person to person. Some do it for money, others for adventure or to defend democratic ideals. Taking sides in what appears to be a battle between Good and Evil will also be reassuring: it’s a nice simplification of an otherwise sometimes incomprehensible world made up of many more shades of gray.

My client briefly explained his point: the Russians must be stopped, he said. We agree. I understand the feeling of powerlessness, but I am also concerned. Joining the Foreign Legion may seem heroic, but the consequences often aren’t.

Source: RTL