Diesel costs more than 2 euros for the first time –

Diesel costs more than 2 euros for the first time –

This is apparent from the overview of UnitedConsumers, the consumer organization that keeps track of fuel prices. According to UnitedConsumers, the recommended retail price per liter of diesel is now 2,003 euros per liter. That is 3.4 euro cents more than yesterday.

On the one hand, Paul van Selms, director of UnitedConsumers, states that it is quite remarkable that the price of a liter of diesel now exceeds the 2 euro limit. On the other hand, it’s just a number, but for consumers, he says, psychological boundaries are quite important.

work hard

Like petrol and LPG prices, the recommended retail price of diesel has exploded recently.

At the end of last year, the recommended retail price was 1.75 euros per liter for the first time, while the recommended retail price in the first half of 2021 was still around 1.50 euros.

flock to Ukraine

The rise in fuel prices was initially driven by increased demand as a result of the economic recovery from the coronavirus crisis. Of course, the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine played an important role.

The suggested retail price for a liter of 95 euros has also set a new record: 2,305 euros, or 2.6 euro cents more than yesterday. Last Friday, a day before the suggested retail price for a liter of Euro 95 rose above EUR 2.20 for the first time, there were still rows in line last Friday.

Sometimes you pay less than the suggested retail price

The suggested retail price is not always the price you pay at the pump. The price is usually lower than the recommended retail price.

Many pump racks offer discounts, so you spend a little less on them. But along the highway you usually pay the RRP.

Source: RTL