Shorter showers save dozens a year (and 4 money-saving tips) –

Shorter showers save dozens a year (and 4 money-saving tips) –

1. Take a shorter shower

Let’s start with the heating. “Most of your gas consumption goes to heat,” says Suzanne Hoogers, advisor at Milieu Centraal. This represents approximately 74% of a household’s gas consumption. Also, about 23% of the gas consumption goes to hot water, the largest part of which is used for showers, because heating this water requires a lot of energy.

According to the organization, the Dutch shower is five times a week and 9 minutes per shower. A lot of energy is used, especially at the beginning of a shower. “If you want to save money, try reducing the total from 9 minutes to 5 minutes.”

“The savings per minute are about 10 euros per person per year,” explains Hoogers. That means that if you shower four minutes less at a time, you save 40 euros per person per year.

Milieu Centraal is based on the energy prices forecast by the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency (PBL) in 2030. This is 1 euro for a cubic meter of gas and 22 cents for a kilowatt hour of electricity. According to price comparator Pricewise, the gas price is currently on average at 1.78 euros per cubic meter.

So now you save more. “We look to the longer term,” says Hoogers. “Prices fluctuate and it seems unrealistic that they will stay that high.”

Source: RTL