Habi becomes the second ‘Unicorn’ company in the country

The company Colombian I had broke income records after his last round of investmentat a cost of US$200 million (COP$816.196 million).

The proptech Colombia, which has only been on the market for three years and has coverage in 15 cities of the countryunder which Bogotá, Cali, Medellín and Barranquilla stand out, broke all schedules by coming in second’Unicorn‘ by Colombia

It should be noted that the first company in obtaining the title of ‘Unicorn‘ was the Rappi shipping platform, which was valued at US$1,000 million at the time, during the capital raising process.

The Company calls’unicorns’ are those with a millionaire rating with little initial investment, who take advantage of digital platforms to offer a service.

Source: El heraldo