06:39 Investor HAL wants to buy dredging company Boskalis –

06:39 Investor HAL wants to buy dredging company Boskalis –

Investor HAL wants to take over the Dutch dredging and shipping company Boskalis. The company carries a price tag of 4.2 billion euros. This is not the amount that HAL paid, as the investor has bought a significant stake in Boskalis in recent years.

HAL has been a shareholder of Boskalis for over thirty years and currently owns more than 46% of the shares.

The investor believes that Boskalis’ returns would increase if the shares were not freely traded, but held by a company with a long-term focus such as HAL. It also makes it easier for Boskalis to make a purchase.

The future owner says he is happy with the current dredging policy and does not intend to change direction. According to HAL, the recovery will not affect employment.

Boskalis unblocks the Suez Canal

Boskalis offers various maritime services worldwide. For example, last year the company was involved in the rescue of a large container ship that closed the Suez Canal for several days. HAL is a listed company that invests in various companies.

The deal has yet to be approved by the relevant authorities. The investor expects to receive approval in the third quarter of this year. HAL wants to take Boskalis off the Amsterdam stock exchange as soon as it owns 95% of the shares.

Boskalis’ studies in Russia were interrupted

Boskalis presented its annual figures on Thursday. Despite the corona restrictions that put pressure on the margins of many projects last year, it was still possible to significantly increase turnover and profit. According to CEO Peter Berdowski, the order book is well filled and the outlook looks positive. He can’t accurately predict the impact of the war in Ukraine yet, but he thinks profits could stay the same this year.

Boskalis has more than ten thousand employees worldwide. The company does not operate in Ukraine, but in Russia. However, St. All international employees of the St. Petersburg office are abroad. Work in Russia is currently on hold. Not just because of the war; There are no jobs in the Arctic in the winter anyway.

Source: NU