Save: The day when Julian Dominguez vowed not to close exports

Save: The day when Julian Dominguez vowed not to close exports

Save: The day when Julian Dominguez vowed not to close exports

The agriculture minister less than two weeks ago said the government would not increase arrests due to rising grain prices, but this week announced what it claimed was a suspension measure.

Julian Dominguez, Minister of Agriculture, at the Expoagro Exhibition Dinner; He promised not to increase arrests and not to close exports

Less than two weeks have passed since the Ministry of Agriculture. Julian Dominguez, He promised farmers that the government was not going to affect overseas sales or increase export taxes amid rising grain prices. Those words disappeared this week.

March 2, at a press conference Organized at his portfolio headquarters, Dominguez warned: “There will be no export closures and increased arrests. These are the decisions that the President has defined as the axis of work and these are the tasks that he has given me. We need to find out the uncertainties and fears, we are very confident in what we are doing. ” An official spokesman said at the time. Even last Friday, when rumors surfaced of a twofold increase in wheat and corn export taxes – today they are taxed at 12% – Dominguez’s spokesmen refrained from any increase in the arrest warrant.

“Even in the current drought, we have presented to the President that, even with the crop losses we have had, the most conservative scenario is that Argentina intends to export the same amount in dollars as in 2021. and In a highly favorable scenario for goods, Argentina intends to export $ 5 billion more than we did in 2021, even under low production conditions. This scheme is maintained, there is no situation indicating that this scenario has changed. We actually have prices like we have never had before. Other officials have the right to express their opinion, but this ministry cares about the interests of the producers. “I made it clear that the producer could not be a correction variable,” Dominguez said.

But this week, following internal tensions in the government, Agriculture issued a resolution that found the minister to be contrary to the minister’s promise.

This week The government has stopped exporting soy flour and oilThe value of Argentina’s two major export products, which last year brought the country $ 12.105 million and $ 7.101 million, respectively. The event was announced by order of the Deputy Secretary of the Agricultural Markets of the Ministry of Agriculture, headed by Dominguez.

As it turned out, A decision was made on both by-products, which are taxed at 31%, to increase to 33% as soybeans. With this tariff increase, the government will save an additional $ 410.2 million with these two by-products.

At the Expoagro last week, Dominguez made a strong defense in the field, which surprised the producers at today’s event by closing the soybean flour and oil export register “until further notice”. In a very good business climate, Expoagro left deals at $ 1,500 million. Paradoxically, in March 2008, also after a very active exhibition and against the background of grain prices, which also fell, a few days later the government imposed an arrest in Resolution 125, which led to an ongoing battle with the village. Four long months.

Report by Fernando Bertello and Mariana Reinke


Source: La Nacion