Anses Payments: Benefits accrued this Monday, March 14th

Anses Payments: Benefits accrued this Monday, March 14th

Anses Payments: Benefits accrued this Monday, March 14th

The pension agency today pays AUH, AUE, pensions and pensions not exceeding $ 36,676, Progresar scholarships and the Alimentar program.

Social benefits paid by Anses on Monday, March 14, 2022

Anses (National Social Security Administration) from today resumes the payment of social benefits according to the monthly calendar and releases the allocations. Monday, March 14th.

To understand the collection date of each benefit, it is necessary to review the payment schedule set by the agency, which includes this day. Pensions and Pensions whose assets do not exceed $ 36,676, OWH, EUA And PNC family allowances.

Who pays the money this Monday, March 14th

  • Universal Child Allowance: DNI ends with 3.
  • Pensions and Pensions not exceeding $ 36,676: DNI ends with 3.
  • Universal Assignment for Pregnancy: DNI ending with 2.
  • PNC Family Allowances: All DNI terminations, until April 11th.
  • Single Payment Assignments: All DNI terminations, until April 11th.
  • Alimentar program: AUH owners with 3 ending with DNI.
  • Main program: DNI ending with 3.
  • Progress Scholarships: Holders aged 16 to 24 with documents ending in 4th and 5th.

Because growth is coming Law of MobilityMinimum pensions, AUH (universal child allowance) and non-contributory pensions (PNC), among other benefits, will be received this month. 12.28% increase Compared to the previous month.

In this way, the new funds to be paid by Anses in March are as follows:

  • Minimum Credit: $ 29,061.63 to $ 32,630
  • Maximum Credit: $ 195,557.2 to $ 219,572
  • Non-Contributing Pensions (PNC): Reaches $ 22,841
  • Universal Retirement Pension (PUAM) will reach $ 26,104
  • AUH: $ 5,677 to $ 6,375.

This month’s growth will almost be reached 5.53 million retirees and retirees1.68 million beneficiaries of non-income pension, to 4.41 million children for whom AUH is accepted And 4.37 million children for whom child benefit is accrued.

Anses Annual School Assistance

Those who receive a universal child allowance or a family child allowance They will automatically receive $ 4,758 in accreditation in March under the Anses Annual School Assistance Concept.

The money will be available only to them Owners who submitted a school enrollment to the child eligible for the benefit before December 31st. Annual student assistance is directly attributable to a bank account linked to the AUH or AFH.

Those who have not submitted a school certificate will not be able to access the benefit, but in any case Must carry out an administrative procedure. Confirmation of school education is possible through the official website of the Pension Agency.

Source: La Nacion