Meat production: For these reasons the supply may improve in the coming months

Meat production: For these reasons the supply may improve in the coming months

Meat production: For these reasons the supply may improve in the coming months

The total number of people killed in February last year, 1,009,114, was similar to the same month in the last two years, but the average weight per kilogram increased.

The massacre last February reached 1,009,114 souls

Last February The massacre reached 1,009,114 soulsAccording to the latest publication of the National Directorate of Commercial Control of Agriculture, a total of 231,727 tons of meat and an average of 229.6 kilograms of beef.

The total number slaughtered was very similar to the same month of the last two years, a rate that increases when we analyze the amount of meat produced, because the average weight per kilogram of beef was 4 and 6.6 kg heavier than in 2021. And 2020, respectively.

Analyzing by slaughter categories, it was found that female homicides last month were 1.4% higher than in the same month of 2021 and 3.6% lower than in 2020. Along with the significant increase in the slaughter of eight-toothed cows, of course, the impact of drought and fire, especially in the NEA.

This massacre also had an additional incentive related to the good values ​​achieved due to demand from China and the release of all cutting exports for canned and manufactured cows, which minimized the impact of the disaster.

A distinctive fact is that there is also an increase in the killing of strains, which increased by 10 and 8% compared to the same month of 2021 and 2020, respectively.

When analyzing the massacre of the first two months of the year, The slaughter in 2022 was very similar to last year (only 1.1% less than in 2021) and 8.5% less than in 2020, a decrease mainly in men.

This is expected to end in the last quarter of 2021 as a result of the decline in cut closures, which is low at the beginning of the year. Low levels of supply are projected for these categories and, consequently, solid selling prices.

When the participation of refrigerators in slaughterhouses is analyzed, an increase in export-related refrigerators is observed. Its share increased by 5%, despite this year’s comparison with “managed volumes” compared to the previous year, with unrestricted exports. According to FAO publications, it clearly fits the best price / value equation in an international context in which international prices have risen by 27% in index values.


Given the strong constraints that this year’s offer had due to climate problems and the low level of closure in the last quarter of 2021, The fact that it was at the level of the previous year is a good sign, considering that the restoration of the precipitation regime and, consequently, the improvement of the food supply allow us to imagine a higher supply for the rest of the year, especially from the months. From May.

The scarcity of finished animals in the cellar, which added to the drop in food supply caused by the drought, makes it possible to predict the level of slaughter for well-finished animals, possibly increasing over the next two months. Female genital mutilation that responds to seasonal cleansing of unproductive uterus as a result of the timing of pregnancy diagnostics and the good prices for their implementation.

The author is a livestock consultant

Source: La Nacion