The DIAN targets professionals in buying and selling foreign exchange

To ensure that foreign exchange buying and selling professionals in the country can fulfill their obligations, the National Tax and Customs Administration (DIAN), has indicated that it will focus its efforts on this issue.

“The entity has focused its actions on: exchange regimein particular on the control and monitoring of the obligations arising from operations related to online transactions to make purchases abroad with receipt of the goods in Colombia, and those related to the obligation to exchange the currencies used for the to channel payment for said goods. the entity in a statement.

Therefore, the withholding was made of USD 140,000, EUR 6,550 and USD 64,670,000, among other currencies, with amounts less than the amounts indicated, for an estimated total of $63,000,000as a result of actions taken against people who identified themselves as currency professionals, but who engaged in the activity of buying and selling foreign currencies in a illegal in Bogotá.

Source: El heraldo