1 Chinese metropolis is closed due to rising corona figures

1 Chinese metropolis is closed due to rising corona figures

Many cities in China are on lockdown due to rapidly rising infection rates. Changchun and Shenzhen, with 9 and 23 million inhabitants respectively, announced strict measures. All schools in Shanghai are closing. Authorities say they want to control a new corona wave.

In Changchun, only one person from each household is allowed to go out every other day to buy food and other necessities. There is an obligation to work from home, except for the Chinese who are struggling with the epidemic.

Shenzhen residents were asked not to leave the city. Public transport is closed. In both cities, the population is tested three times for the corona virus.

However, China reported “only” 3,393 infections on Sunday. This is the highest number of cases in more than two years, according to Chinese officials. Until a few days ago, the country reported no more than hundreds of infections per day.

According to Johns Hopkins University, about 720,000 infections have been diagnosed in China since the start of the corona pandemic. Experts say it is very difficult to paint a conservative but reliable picture of these official numbers. Several studies have concluded that the true number of infections in China must be several times higher.

In China, almost no infections have been reported for a long time, as the country has repeatedly changed the definition of COVID-19. As a result, many corona patients would not be included in the official figures.

There is a pollution wave, especially in the northeast

New infections mainly occur in the northeast of the country. According to this New York Times Two mayors in the region, concerned by the epidemic, were fired. The official reason for the dismissal has not been disclosed.

China has changed course in recent months after struggling to stay corona-free throughout most of the pandemic. National authorities consider some infections to be local, provided that municipal officials prevent further spread of the corona virus.

Source: NU