Controversy grows due to the application of front labeling

Almost a year after the passing of Law 2120 of 2021 or Junk Food Actrequiring clear information on processed foods to be provided to consumers through front labelling, this initiative has not yet been launched.

The label on front It consists of seals warning about the high sugar, sodium and saturated fats that certain food products contain.

The delay in implementing the provisions of this law has led to national controversy, mainly because of the differences in criteria regarding the design of the seal that the packages must display.

The promoters of the law expected a regulation which would stipulate that the labeling on the packaging should be monochromatic and octagonal in shape.

In resolution 810 of the Ministry of Healthissued before the entry into force of the law, it was determined that the labeling model consisted of a circular symbol with a black background and a white border.

Source: El heraldo