Dollar today: what is the price of the currency on July 12

Dollar today: what is the price of the currency on July 12

US currency is valued at 126.74 for buying and 134.88 for selling; This price reported by Banco Nación is 137.12 percent below the price of the blue dollar in the parallel market.

Dollar today: what is the price of the currency on July 12
Dollar today: what is the price of the currency on July 12

The official dollar It is trading today, July 12th, at $126.74 to buy and $134.88 to sell, averaged. central bank among various financial entities. This price puts it at 137.12 pesos above the blue dollar, which is about $262.00 for buying and $272.00 for selling. Thus, the exchange difference between the two prices is approximately 101.66 percent.

value dollars in the National Bank is, as usual, the lowest in the market: $134.70, while a private entity such as Banco de Galicia shows it at $135.75.

If compared to the last working day, official dollar It is still trading at similar values ​​today as the US currency is buying at $126.65 and selling at $134.67.

Over the last five working days, the official dollar has maintained an upward trend, with an increase of 1.75 percent, which then showed a bid of $125.25 and a sale of $132.54.

I followed the Euro price in Argentina

Analyzing the performance of the currency throughout the year, it can be seen that the price of the official dollar has increased by 21.70 percent, compared to the first days of the year, when the board showed 108.48 dollars.

The price of the tourist dollar, today, July 12

On the other hand, the tourist dollar is sold for 222.55 dollars. This value is generated by adding a 30% markup to the official market price of US currency, and to this amount is added a 35% advance income tax surcharge.

MEP dollar or “stock market” price today July 12th

The MEP dollar, also known as the “stock market,” is trading at $283.91 today, reflecting some price stability with less than 1 percent swing over the past business day. The value of the “stock market”. “The dollar is determined based on the price of AL30 bonds, the most popular asset to receive this type of exchange, which is available through the sale of financial assets that are quoted in pesos and dollars.

CCL dollar quote or counted with Liqui

The CCL dollar, or liquidated, is trading at $290.35 today, down 2.43 percent from the last day’s price of $297.49.

Source: La Nacion