Venezuela rejects ‘unusual’ British ruling in favor of Guaidó in gold case

The Central Bank of Venezuela (BCV) rejected Friday’s “unusual” ruling by the High Court of London in favor of the opponent-appointed board Juan Guaido to manage the gold that the country has deposited in the Bank of England.

“The Central Bank of Venezuela rejects the unusual ruling of a British court that, once again, is subordinate to the foreign policy decisions of the british crownundermines the legitimate powers of the administration of the international reserves of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela,” the BCV said in a statement read by state broadcaster VTV.

The judge Sarah Cockerillof the trade division of the British court, after a four-day trial that ended on July 18, has ruled that it cannot accept the rulings of the Venezuelan Supreme Court (TSJ) that annulled Guaidó’s appointments to that council. there is no legal basis in the UK for doing this.

Source: El heraldo