Exit to raise energy tariffs must be comprehensive: analysts

Faced with a problem as complex as that of the increase in tariffs for electricity services On the Caribbean coast, there are several measures that can be taken and that must be the result of a joint effort by all actors in the chain.

The experts agree on this after analyzing the various proposals presented on this topic at the meeting of mayors with the president Gustavo Petrocespecially by the mayor of Barranquilla, Jaime Pumarejo.

One of the proposals is to review the use of Manufacturer price index (IPP) as an indexer in the bilateral contracts between the companies Air-e and Afinia with the generators and energy transporters.

“Energy generators and transmitters report extraordinary half-year gains. Why not? If IPP contract rates rise, but their costs are adjusted more for inflation. This is not the time to be an engine of inflation,” the president explained in a trill.

While the analysts consulted by EL HERALDO agreed with this initiative, they pointed out that since there is no regulation on this issue, direct negotiations between the companies with each of the producers would be necessary.

“The guidance of the national government would be important to promote this” dialogue between companiessaid one expert.

Source: El heraldo