Blue Dollar and Dollar Today: Minute-by-minute price for Friday, August 12

Blue Dollar and Dollar Today: Minute-by-minute price for Friday, August 12


Blue Dollar and Dollar Today: Minute-by-minute price for Friday, August 12

The US currency ends the week with an increase in bank rates, a record inflation rate and Minister Sergio Massa’s meetings with various sectors of society.


13.46 | Ignacio Olivera doll was analyzing interest rate hikes

In LN+Economist with journalist Maria Laura SantillanHe said how the market received the new measure of the Minister of Economy. Serge Massa: “The market was initially skeptical of the measures he was going to take and now sees Mass taking steps to attack the root causes of currency market destabilization. A strong signal was the increase in the interest rate 9 and a half points. It shows that the second step will be to reduce the fiscal deficit.”

12.58 | Pull down the blue dollar

Parallel price of North American currency It fell $2 to settle at $295 for saleThe same value with which it opened yesterday’s session, before a slight increase left it $297.

12.44 | Rate hikes: Impact on credit cards

increase 9.5 points The reference rate arranged by the Central Bank has a Impact on the cost of credit card financingAlso in interest on installment payments. From this rise Banks will use a rate of 71.5% per annum Up to $200,000 or $200 for expenses. Previously it was 62%. In this way, the effective annual rate (TEA) was 100.2%.

12.18 | How much are the basic dollar trading options?

Shortly after the first hour of market trading, The Blue Dollar and the Official Dollar are holding their closing values ​​from yesterdayWhile the financial dollar shows downward movements in the CCL dollar and a small increase in the MEP dollar:

  • dollar blue: $297 (sale); $287 (purchase)
  • official dollar: $140 (sale); $132 (Buy)
  • MP dollars: $280
  • Dollar CCL (counted at checkout): $283.85

12.05 | Economy: the plan that the rural unit will propose to Sergio Massa to get out of the crisis

assumption Serge Massa In the expanded Ministry of Economy, which includes the portfolio of Agriculture, Fisheries and Livestock, led to the Confederación Intercooperativa Agropecuaria Limitada, better known as KoninagroIn the process of developing a scheme with five points that He will present the new minister at the next meeting of the agency on the 23rd of the month:

  • Stabilization plan by eliminating excessive state interventionism. subsidiary state. Price and salary agreement.
  • Competitive Exchange Policy. One exchange rate.
  • State policy promoting small and medium-sized businesses, associativism and entrepreneurship for young people, a plan for the first job of young people.
  • Energy development policy.
  • Agro-industrial strategic federal program.

And they synthesized their demands: “What is demanded is A regulatory framework and policies that ensure predictability of work and productionWith clear rules that give us guarantees and don’t change our terms in the middle of production cycles.”

11.47 | Reduce the dollar CCL

The downward trend of the financial dollar is seen in the value of the CCL (Liquidation Counted) dollar, also called the “cable”, which is almost flat. $4 In this first hour of market trading, that leaves you $282.69.

11.41 | How much is the gap between the blue dollar and the dollar today?

The price of the blue dollar remains stable $297Just as it is the official dollar $140 For sale, which is located The gap between both quotes is 110.7%.

11.24 | Fixed Term: What it’s like after a rate hike

A 28-day increase in the annual nominal interest rate of Liquidity Letters (Leliq) by 950 basis points left the benchmark rate for monetary policy. 69.5%. This in turn is the new minimum limit that has been set at 10 million pesos for a fixed term of people.What are the savers called? The guaranteed minimum rate for the private sector will reach 61%.

New values ​​of rates arranged by BCRA
New values ​​of rates arranged by BCRA

10:58 | At what value will the different dollar quotes open?

The close of the exchange wheel on Thursday was marked by a decline in the financial dollar and a slight increase in the blue dollar, which was up $2 at the end of the day. So I stay The last quote with which various North American currency options will open in minutes:

  • dollar blue: $297 (sale); $287 (purchase)
  • official dollar: $140 (sale); $132 (Buy)
  • MP dollars: $277.24
  • Dollar CCL (counted at checkout): $286.28

10:27 | Kristalina Georgieva’s message to Sergio Massa

In a letter on Wednesday, the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, Kristalina GeorgievHe congratulated the Minister of Economy on his position and spoke about “necessary” challenges for the country. “The IMF continues to be a committed partner supporting Argentina’s effortsEspecially at this important moment,” he clarified.

Kristalina Georgieva, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund
Kristalina Georgieva, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund

10.03 | Concerns about central bank net reserves

Import payments in the energy sector and other facilities, as well as the loss of reserves to maintain the price of various dollar options, leave BCRA’s coffers in a vulnerable position, according to the Economic and Economic Research Group of Reality. social (GERES) It has only $2,726 million in net reserves According to his latest report.

9.49 | How much was July inflation in neighboring countries?

Inflation of 7.4% in July, which INDEC reported yesterday, puts Argentina at its highest monthly rate of change since April 2002. As Esteban Lafuente wrote in LA NACION, it is approx A scenario not shared by other countries in the regionWhich in any case experience an inflationary trend for the most part, always within their own standards:

  • Brasil: Argentina’s largest regional partner experienced deflation last month; The expanded national index of consumer prices (IPCA) of the neighboring country fell by 0.68% in July.
  • Chili: had a 1.4% increase in July.
  • Bolivia: The monthly inflation amounted to 0.39%.
  • Paraguay: July left 0.7% inflation.
  • Uruguay: Monthly inflation 0.77%.

9.35 | How much the financial dollar closed

The rate planned by the central bank yesterday affected the price of the financial dollar, which fell by almost $6 in the last exchange session.

  • MP dollars (Dollar Stock Exchange): It is down $6.50 to $277.24 (-2.3%).
  • Dollar CCL (Liquidated): Down $3.50 to settle at $286.28 (-1.2%)

9.26 | Sergio Massa sets his appointment at the liaison desk

The Minister of Economy and his Secretary of Agriculture, John Joseph Bahillo, seek an appointment with the Liaison Desk, a benchmark for the rural sector, which is key to entering the State Cabinet for Foreign Exchange. good It was understood that officials would meet this afternoon with the representatives of the agrarian units of General Las Heras in Buenos Aires, The meeting has not yet been publicly confirmed with official sources.

9.03 | INDEC: July inflation amounted to 7.4%

This was announced by the National Institute of Statistics and Census The monthly change of the consumer price index in July amounted to 7.4%, a month marked by political instability following the departure of Martin Guzmán from the Economy Ministry, his short-lived replacement by Silvina Batakis, and the arrival of Sergio Massa at the helm of the portfolio. a) yes The accumulated inflation this year is 46.2%..

INDEC revealed the inflation rate: in July it was 7.4%.

8.48 | How much is the gap between the blue dollar and the dollar today?

After yesterday’s currency wheel left the blue dollar for sale at $297 and the official dollar at $140.97, the gap between the two quotes for the US currency lies. About 110.7 percent.

8.40 | How much the blue dollar and official dollar closed yesterday

A day that started flat but showed an upward trend towards the end of the currency wheel andL dollar blue They traded yesterday $297 to sell and $287 to buy; in turn official dollar Left $140 to sell and $132 to buy.

The blue dollar rose two pesos yesterday to open today at $297 for selling and $287 for buying.
The blue dollar rose two pesos yesterday to open today at $297 for selling and $287 for buying.

Source: La Nacion