Tetra Pak promotes circular economy project on the Caribbean coast

Tetra Pak promotes circular economy project on the Caribbean coast

The company Tetra Pak supports a circular economy project in Barranquilla and the Caribbean coast in which it collaborates with the recycling chain and with higher education institutions such as the Universidad del Norte.

Cassio Simoes, Andina’s general manager for Tetra Pak, points out that the Swedish multinational’s investment in Colombia in circular economy strategies already exceeds $10 billion.

The initiatives are included in the social program “30 Actions for Colombia”, through which they are committed to generating a social, environmental and economic impact on the entire territory after completing 30 years of activity in Colombia.

The coastal cities where these actions are being carried out are Barranquilla, Cartagena, Turbaco, Riohacha and Santa Marta. In the case of the capital of the Atlantic, they continue in the first phase of an alliance that has supported 2,483 recyclers and collected almost 15 thousand tons of multi-material.

As part of this process, it donated motorcycles and supplies to recyclers’ associations so that they can speed up collection and increase packaging recycling rates.

“We understand that we need to seek all allies and all regions of Colombia to achieve the goal that we have, to increase our recycling rate more and more,” the director said in an interview with EL HERALDO.

He added that “we are working nationally with six companies, transformers and we have the recycling chain and then awareness of source segregation and use of materials including those from Tetra Pak is generated.”

The second phase of the project will be developed in collaboration with the Universidad del Norte and promotes a functional collection model for useful materials off the Caribbean coast.

“Through technology, we want to connect the warehouses of those recyclers on the coast to consolidate loads with carriers and make the cost per tonne of recyclable material transported to the transformation and collection centers more economical, but all this only works if we also work on another front and it is consumer awareness in recycling,” he emphasized.

Similarly, consumer-oriented activities are conducted through Tetra Pak’s social networks, so that they understand in a fun and integrative way that the material is recyclable and how it also has its responsibility within that process to help transform packaging and second place. give life.

The company’s 30th anniversary investments in Colombia amount to USD 800,000, and with these funds it aims to continue to promote the low-carbon circular economy, with the support of professional recyclers’ associations, company volunteers, support for the dairy sector and programs of diversity, inclusion and innovation, with which it aims to influence its entire value chain.

Tetra Pak is a multinational leader in food packaging and processing solutions worldwide with a presence in more than 160 countries.

Source: El heraldo