17:07 Gazprom shuts off Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline again for maintenance

Russian gas company Gazprom will temporarily stop gas supplies to Europe via the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline from August 31. According to the Russian state-owned company, maintenance must take place. This was also a month ago, fearing that Moscow would completely cut off the gas supply through the Nord Stream pipeline.

Gazprom announced that the maintenance will take three days and by September 2 the gas should flow back into the pipes. There is always a concern that the gas supply will not resume after maintenance. The pipeline crosses the Baltic Sea to Germany, which is heavily dependent on Russian gas.

Currently, Nord Stream 1 only supplies 20% of what the pipeline can supply. Gazprom insists there is no spare capacity due to deferred maintenance, but critics suspect Moscow is using the pipeline as a power tool.

It is the second time that Gazprom has closed the pipeline for maintenance in a short period of time. It also happened a month ago when the company said Western sanctions prevented the return of a Siemens-maintained gas turbine to Canada. The turbine is currently in Germany, but Gazprom is constantly finding new reasons not to take over the turbine, according to Siemens.

Germany has long accused Russia of using gas supplies as a means of supply. For example, Gazprom previously asked for payment in rubles. Refusing countries, including Poland and the Netherlands, later stopped buying gas. Just before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Germany decided to disconnect Nord Stream 2. This pipeline has never been put into operation.

The new shutdown of Nord Stream 1 puts even more pressure on Europe to reduce gas consumption. This is necessary to replenish stocks so that there is no shortage in winter.

Source: NU