The main disadvantages of the British port: they mainly suffer from it

Rogier Spoel of Evofedex, the association of entrepreneurs in trade and logistics, thinks that the problems for Dutch companies are not that big. Transport from the Netherlands to the UK mainly takes place with ferries to ports outside Felixstowe.

smaller ships

Spoel explains that all containers from the Netherlands are transported by smaller ships that also call at other ports, such as Newcastle, Harwich and Hull. “Felixstowe is mainly for large container ships, so there are few Dutch people among them.”

For companies still struggling with the strike in Felixstowe, the Channel Tunnel is still an alternative, according to Spoel. To his knowledge, that is currently not the case. “And we don’t expect too many immediate problems.”

Rotterdam is not a viable alternative

In the UK, Spoel says, ships sailing specifically to Felixstowe may choose to drop off their cargo earlier. “To move later.” Container giant Maersk has already announced that, according to the BBC.

Source: RTL