Accounts, CDM green light for the first 6.2 billion of the aid decree. Franco’s report

Accounts, CDM green light for the first 6.2 billion of the aid decree.  Franco’s report

The aim is to put 12-13 billion in the balance to continue helping families and businesses struggling with expensive bills with a new decree to be passed next week. To this end, Mario Draghi and Daniele Franco can count on an additional 6.2 billion in treasury that derive from the highest accumulated tax revenue so far, given the higher VAT revenue resulting from the increase in inflation. In order to use them and not put them in the budget to reduce the amount of debt, however, the Government currently has to go through Parliament. After the Council of Ministers today approved the Report that updates the programmatic objectives of public finances, the ball then passes to the Chambers, which will have to say yes – with an absolute majority – to the new accounts.

It is in the passage between Palazzo Madama and Montecitorio, however, that the sprint the prime minister aimed for is likely to slow down. The aid decree launched at the beginning of August, in fact, is blocked in the Senate because there is no agreement between the political forces on the amendments presented by M5S and Alternative on the superbonus. The text will reach the court next Tuesday and only after approval will the assembly of senators examine the report of accounts. In the Chamber, which in turn must approve the bis aid decree, voting by an absolute majority of the balances will not take place before Thursday. Deputies are busy in the territory for the election campaign and it is not easy to bring everyone back to Rome, especially those parliamentarians who have not been re-elected or those who, on the other hand, are playing ‘square by square, house by house’ in their own college.

“The Government does everything in its power to promptly launch the measures that allow it to provide aid to families and companies. Now everything is in the hands of Parliament”, they record only in Palazzo Chigi, while, both in the CDM and in the following , in a joint note, are the three ministers of the Third Pole Elena Bonetti, Mara Carfagna and Maria Stella Gelmini to show their disappointment. “This is an unacceptable delay, for which we believe that the political forces that continue to hamper the Government’s action in favor of citizens at this time of extreme economic urgency must assume full responsibility, after having already blocked the conversion of the Aid Decree. of July – attack – This irresponsible attitude holds companies hostage, exposing them to the risk of closure and seriously harming the lives of families and the whole country”. leaders of the House groups – propose to vote first on the adjustment of accounts (this is called to avoid confusion with the budget variation that Salvini, Conte and Calenda continue to invoke), FdI does not fit: first the yes to the decree of bis aid , then the other vote.

Meanwhile, Draghi continues to work on his exit from the scene, with the specific desire to put his (or his) successor in a position to take the reins of government quickly and effectively. During the Council of Ministers, the Prime Minister invites colleagues to prepare an orderly delivery in order to provide the new government with an organic framework of ongoing activities, obligations and tight deadlines. Undersecretary Roberto Garofoli will coordinate the work, which will be delivered on September 25 to the new tenant of Palazzo Chigi.

Source: IL Tempo