When I collect AUH from Anses: Who gets Universal Child Benefit this Friday 9 September

Yesterday, Anses started disbursing Universal Child Benefit assets for the month of September

The National Administration of Social Protection (Anees) keep it up Friday September 9 along with the payment Universal Child Benefit (Wow), as provided September billing calendar.

is social benefits It consists of a monthly amount paid to people who do not have a job or who work in the informal economy. The amount they receive depends on the amount Children under 18 years old that they owe it to and residential area.

This group of beneficiaries accounted for 15.53 percent growth Anees The application process starts from September Pensions, pensions and allowances. given after this increase Law of Mobility, Wow would be $8,471 per child.

On Thursday, September 8, St Anees started AUH collection schedule relevant to this month. Payment of these benefits, as well as others benefits Issued by the said entity, organized according to the number with which the beneficiary’s DNI ends. Therefore, it was structured as follows:

  • DNI ends with 0: Thursday, September 8
  • DNI ends at 1: Friday, September 9
  • DNI ends 2: Monday, September 12
  • DNI ends at 3: Tuesday, September 13
  • DNI Ends 4: Wednesday, September 14
  • DNI ends at 5: Thursday, September 15
  • DNI ends at 6: Friday, September 16
  • DNI ends 7: Monday, September 19
  • DNI ended at 8:00 on Tuesday, September 20
  • DNI ended at 9:00 on Wednesday, September 21
The collection schedule will continue until Wednesday, September 21
The collection schedule will continue until Wednesday, September 21

The total allowance is $8,471 per child, After the last mobility update. However, every month, the beneficiaries get 80 percent and once they enter AUH notebook, they get the remaining 20 percent. It is the mechanism by which the nation-state supervises its performance Vaccination schedule for children to go to school and undergo health check-ups appropriate.

In addition, along with their assets, Owners of AUH Those who have children under the age of 14 or with disabilities receive the appropriate amount Food cardwhich is automatically issued to the same account and date on which the said social assistance is collected.

Similarly, as owners Pregnancy allowance for social securityhe (EUA), they also receive 1000 Day Plan Milk Supplement: An initiative through which the government seeks to guarantee the supply of basic food to expectant mothers and their children. It consists of a monthly subscription of USD 920, which is given to pregnant women and people during pregnancy and until the month when their son or daughter turns 3 years old.

The Universal Child Benefit intended for humans Children under 18 years old which satisfies the following requirements:

  • be unemployed
  • Be employed in the informal economy with income equal to or less than the minimum, living and moving wages
  • There were social monotributists
  • be a domestic service worker
  • Familiarize yourself with the plan Make Future, Hands to Work or any program of the Ministry of Labor

Source: La Nacion