First, a farmer

production, key
production, key

78 years ago, September 8 was established “Day of Agriculture and Agricultural Producers” Let’s recall the first agricultural colony founded by Swiss immigrants in Esperanza, Santa Fe. Men and women throughout the Argentine Republic dedicate their lives and efforts to this field.

They are the ones who experience bad weather and climate change; Someone who gets up before anyone else to complete daily tasks and who doesn’t know about holidays or compensatory leave.

But if for these attributes they deserve a day of remembrance, we can adduce many more arguments: producers are those who create employment, in and out of their fields and establishments; They drive the regional economy like no other; They preserve traditions and pass them down from generation to generation; They adapt sowing, harvesting and husbandry methods to preserve biodiversity and different ecosystems; They are educated and trained for the greatness of the country, to support the national, provincial and communal economy.

AGCO would like to thank each and every one of them for their efforts and perseverance to give a daily boost to agriculture in our country and the world. Global transformations require a constant search for new strategies and constant learning to adapt to the needs of a new generation of consumers.

That’s why we offer farmer-centric solutions, guaranteeing that our clients’ operations are always running, optimized to achieve healthy and affordable food for all people, while taking care of our natural environment. We appreciate and are committed to the evolution of smart agriculture and share the effort and passion with which they do their homework.

The author is Director of AGCO Argentina / Director of Massey Ferguson Hispanoamérica

Source: La Nacion