Matthias Tombolini admitted that “we’ve lost track of how much it costs” and that it’s linked to “the rate of inflation”.

Matthias Tombolini admitted that “we’ve lost track of how much it costs” and that it’s linked to “the rate of inflation”.

Secretary of Commerce Matias Tombolin

Secretary of Commerce, Matias TombolinThis Wednesday gave a television interview in which admitted that “we’ve lost track of how much it’s worth” and that it should be “adjusted to the rate of inflation”. “There is no such thing as magic”Asked whether new measures could be generated to ensure access to a basic food basket, he insisted that The solution to the problem is macroeconomic.

“After we got to the secretariat and based on the road map [el ministro de Economía, Sergio] Mass, which proposed macroeconomic guidelines, I have a micro related to price fixing, delivery guarantee and currency maintenance.reflects the official A24 When asked what the role of the government is in the fight against price dispersion.

He then admitted that the lack of guidance is “a fact of life that exists in many products”, adding: “We’ve lost track of how much it costs And it’s a bit related inflation rate And a little more with this dynamic, where many times A barrage of offers ends up distorting the full price, the actual price paid for the products. Therefore, what allows you to generate order in prices is that prices represent a A unit of useful information to decide You don’t have it today.”

Faced with this scenario, he noted that various actions from his portfolio are being carried out to alleviate this phenomenon, including Relaunch of Care Prices. “[La iniciativa] Born in 2014 with a model that really worked at a benchmark price. It allows you to try to plan and understand where the best prices are, and there you already have a current tool, which is,” he explained.

Tombolin was then asked what supply level Care Price products on store shelves. So he developed: “Today it’s about 60% Why do we sometimes see empty gondolas with Cared Prices? What is happening is that many of the Care Prices were out of date as a result of freezes and delays in updates. This is solved by adjusting the relative prices: we try to adjust the rest of the prices slightly downwards and find a reasonable average.”

According to the economist, the current distortion “shows this Whoever sets prices maximizes his profit. And because of that, he insisted that “the new version of Prices Care will still take the 2014 version, speaking Factory outlet, wholesale and retail prices. “We need the entire commercial network”he emphasized.

In another part of the interview, Tombolin was asked again about the rate of increase in food prices, and especially for products like milk, to which he replied: “Whatever increases, it’s always a lot, because we have to try. Make sure your salary is enough to get by and Argentina has a serious inflation problem that cannot be solved by microeconomics, but with a stronger currency strengthening and restoring confidence and improving reserve levels. After that we have the policy and review of the agreements with the companies.”

In this context, he said that as a result Increase the main basket “There is A difficult reality that cannot be denied”. “We operate carefully with cuttings and other tools, but The solution is macroeconomic”He repeated, and when asked if it was possible to create a new plan to deal with the situation, he replied: “There is no magic. Inflation is resolved by restoring confidence in our currency And you have a minister who has just gone to the US to explain our road map. At the same time, my task is to agree with the sectors not to be offensive.”

Finally, he predicted Inflation rates appropriate August What will become known in the coming days: “When we took office, we knew that July was a A difficult month, the same as August. In this sense, he explained that after the departure of Martin Guzmán from the government “There was a lot of defensive behavior by users and companies and that generated a Flash in July and Probably in AugustTo which he said: “We We are trying to transform the trend. Which doesn’t mean we can find solutions overnight.”

Source: La Nacion