When do I collect my pension: what is the Anses payment schedule in September 2022

When do I collect my pension: what is the Anses payment schedule in September 2022

I start paying my pension and pensions this Thursday

The National Administration of Social Protection (Anees) carries forward Payment calendar of Georgia social beneficiary appropriate Septemberand this Thursday 8 starts Payment of pensions and pensionswhich will last until Wednesday the 28th.

It should be noted that the 15.53 percent increase will start in the current month Pensions, pensions and allowances. This increase is based on the calculation established Law of Mobility and affects more than 16 million Argentines. this way, Minimum pension It will go from $37,525 to $50,353, which is already up 73.3 percent this year. Thus, it rose 7.9 percent above inflation.

Besides, pensioners They will receive a Booster bonus up to $7000which will be paid in three installments until next December increased mobility. This bonus will reach almost 85 percent pensioners And it will gradually decrease until it reaches $4,000, which will be the amount that those with incomes up to two minimum assets will receive.

In this regard, the Minister of Economy Serge Massa, said: “We are taking another step to protect Retired men and women. With this measure, we provide for those who need it most, and we do this by keeping the accounts in order, which is due to the increase in collections. advance profit“.

as with different benefits Pays under the guidance of the authority Fernanda Raventa, The Collection schedule It is structured according to the beneficiaries filling out the document. this way, calendar It was organized as follows:

  • DNI ends with 0: Thursday, September 8
  • DNI ends at 1: Friday, September 9
  • DNI ends 2: Monday, September 12
  • DNI ends at 3: Tuesday, September 13
  • DNI Ends 4: Wednesday, September 14
  • DNI ends at 5: Thursday, September 15
  • DNI ends at 6: Friday, September 16
  • DNI ends 7: Monday, September 19
  • DNI ended at 8:00 on Tuesday, September 20
  • DNI ended at 9:00 on Wednesday, September 21
People who want to retire must meet certain requirements
People who want to retire must meet certain requirements
  • DNI ends 0 and 1: Thursday, September 22
  • DNI ends 2 and 3: Friday, September 23
  • DNI ends 4 and 5: Monday, September 26
  • DNI ends 6 and 7: Tuesday, September 27
  • DNI ends 8 and 9: Wednesday, September 28

for that The retirement process will be taken into account The years contribute i the person’s age, which may vary depending on the characteristics of the activity carried out. In general, they had to contribute 30 years. So that’s itFor women at retirement age There are 60 years, and men can start receiving assets since 65 years.

People who meet these requirements are eligible to initiate retirement processFor which the following steps should be performed:

  • Stakeholder should consider Pension contributions made to make sure they are registered my answers. If you don’t have your Social Security key to access the site, you can get one online.
  • If there are contributions that are not registered, you must submit them Documentation Evidence of work periods: service certificate, salary receipts, proof of affiliation to social work and affidavit confirming service. In addition, you must fill in form 6.18: “Application for social security benefits”.
  • Finally, you should Request a shift Treatment at the agency’s office.

Source: La Nacion