Money worries cause stress and sometimes mental problems: “Don’t panic”

Money worries cause stress and sometimes mental problems: “Don’t panic”

Financial psychologist Anne Abbenes explains that the impact of money problems on people’s mental health is very large. He conducted several studies on the psychological health of people with a fear of money. People have been tracked for years since the 2008 crisis. We know from this study and previous studies that people with ongoing money worries are more likely to have mental health problems.”

Pressure or stress?

According to Abbenes, there is a difference between financial pressure (for example, some sleepless nights due to high bills) and financial stress. “With the latter you can no longer pay so many bills. This stress can lead to a weakened immune system, increased blood pressure, inflammation in the body or psychological disorders.”

In addition, Abbenes says there is an increased risk of depression and anxiety disorders. “There is an increased risk of discomfort that goes beyond psychological or mental complaints. In teens, this can cause low self-esteem. Health problems did not disappear once the debts were paid. So serious. do not underestimate.”

lack of control

The more the situation arises where prices are not affordable and money worries increase, the more serious the consequences for your health. “The core of the stress is the lack of control over the situation, such as constantly high energy prices. It is absolutely impossible to plan against it. You can’t spend money you don’t have. So the government only intends to intervene. It has a negative effect on health in January and ultimately costs society more.”

Source: RTL