American success for Halina Reijn: ‘I seize every opportunity’

American success for Halina Reijn: ‘I seize every opportunity’

Bodies Bodies Bodies is doing well in US cinemas, raising more than $10 million to date. Now it’s Europe’s turn.

Reijn cannot reveal the budget of the film, but it is “a lot of money by Dutch standards, but otherwise very little”.

More staff working under high pressure

The film had to be shot under high pressure within 25 days. “In the Netherlands, where every euro really goes to the movies, you have to deal with trade unions and all kinds of rules,” says Reijn. “It’s a very different system and the money goes to very different things,” he says.

Player salaries are higher and many professions are protected. For example, the Dutch cameraman Jasper Wolf was initially not allowed to use his camera in America because someone else did it there.

In very exceptional cases, Wolf was given leave, but there was always the so-called obligation to hire a telephone operator. This shows how strict the rules are. “You have a lot more staff as a result. A bigger ship to pilot. I really learned a lot from this.”

Source: RTL