13:47 Stamps, coins and passports: soon King Charles will be in the spotlight

13:47 Stamps, coins and passports: soon King Charles will be in the spotlight

With the death of Queen Elizabeth, a lot has changed for England. The queen is replaced by her eldest son Charles, which means, for example, that the lyrics of the national anthem have been adapted. What will change now that Elizabeth is gone?

Queen Elizabeth’s head is still depicted on sterling, but the new king will soon appear on new coins and notes. Although the new coins are no longer minted with Elizabeth on them, you can pay with old coins and bills.

We do not yet know exactly what the new funds will look like. However, in the UK it is common for the portrait of the new monarch to be printed in the opposite direction to its predecessor. Queen Elizabeth is looking to the right, so Charles is looking at the coin to the left.

The stamps were also renewed. A portrait of the new king will appear on the British postage stamp.

Iconic red mailboxes and police uniforms are also being adapted. Mailboxes and police helmets still bear the royal monogram of Elizabeth. Soon a new royal monogram will appear with the new king’s initials on it.

The old monogram is gradually being replaced

This does not mean that all mailboxes will be replaced in the near future. Like coins and banknotes, the old monogram is gradually being replaced.

British passports should believe it too. Until now, the documents were issued on behalf of the Queen. New passports will have a different text on the cover: “Your Highness” instead of “Your Majesty”.

Fortunately, the British people don’t have to queue for a new passport right away. Old passports are still valid.

Source: NU