Are you ready? Turn things around (column)

Are you ready?  Turn things around (column)

Summer is over and almost everyone is back to work. There are people who take it badly and even suffer from stress after the holidays and even burnout after the holidays. It won’t be much, but it is clear that we will come back en masse from a pretty cold fair.

One profession strikes after another. One by one, all transport groups stop working. The rides were blocked by striking farmers. We can put aside any discussion of hybrid surgery. The average traveler does not have enough time to get to work, because there is already too much (too much) work due to the shortage of available staff to spend your time better than increasing traffic jams.

People also report sick more easily, which increases the workload (and therefore stress) even more. If you suffer from this stress, you will have to be patient, because GPs are also under pressure. And while all this is going on, our bills (and inflation) are rising while salaries fall dramatically.

So you hear that more and more people are completely done with it. Of course it is ready to work. Initiatives such as FIRE (loosely translated: Financially independent and early retirement), the Anti-Work Movement, which gives people a platform to complain about their jobs, and now the hype #quietquitting (doing enough not to get fired). ) is gaining popularity.

And yes, of course there are plenty of reasons to complain. But that alone will get you nowhere. What helps you is to look critically at your own situation. If you don’t like it, see if there’s another way. In today’s labor market, this is easier than ever. And you do your colleagues a favor with it too. Nobody likes to moan all the time. Unfortunately, we are very good at this in the Netherlands.

Fortunately, there are countless inspiring stories of people doing this smarter. Those who have not given up. Who turned the tide? Think of the highly successful Sharon Hilgers, who quit her job as a French teacher to devote herself entirely to her passion; sell jewelry. It certainly didn’t hurt him. Not only did this make him happy as a person, but he made a lot of money doing it (and he’s only 32).

Lauren Flymen, not from the Netherlands but just as pragmatic. He bought a skipping rope when he lost his job in prison. After many failed attempts, trials and mistakes, she is now known as Lauren Jumps with over a million followers on Instagram and associated recommendations.

And even if you have a less fashionable hobby, there are many people who are interested in it. For example, Kat Norton started 2020 with excel videos on social media and now earns more than 3x the average. She alone!

You don’t really have to win the big prize to be happy, but if your job is a constant cause for complaint, it might be worth looking at your current situation. And maybe just make a drastic change.

Source: RTL