3Overview ‘Frustrated’ Russians continue offensive, curfew tightened in Kiev –

As for the military conflicts in Ukraine, things looked relatively calm on Saturday, despite explosions and rocket attacks in Kiev, Odessa, Chernihiv and Kharkov, among others. However, according to the Americans and British, Russian troops would launch another offensive after more than expected resistance from the Ukrainian armed forces. Residents of the capital Kiev will have to spend the rest of the weekend at home.

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Russian offensive in Ukraine halted as Ukrainian forces resist more than expected† This was reported by representatives of the US and UK Ministries of Defense.

Russian armed forces are said to have been “disappointed” by the loss of momentum, especially in northern Ukraine. The Russians are also increasingly faced with logistical problems, forcing them to lay down war material.

All Russian troops in Ukraine reportedly ordered re-advancementThe Russian news agency reports that DEA† According to the Russians, the delayed attack was intended to give Ukraine a chance to negotiate.

But the main reason, according to the Americans, strengthening It is time to join forces already in Ukraine. Russia gathered tens of thousands of reservists and sent them to Ukraine.

According to the governor of the Russian-annexed Crimean peninsula, Russian forces blew up a large dam in southern Ukraine shortly after announcing the resumption of the offensive.

Kiev tightened curfew in the city over rocket attacks.the mayor reports Vitaly Klitschko† City residents must stay indoors for at least 8 hours until Monday. Civilians were asked to retaliate by throwing Molotov cocktails at Russian soldiers.

An adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said on Saturday that Russians have made no progress in the Kiev region. Most Russian soldiers are still about 18 kilometers from the Ukrainian capital.

More and more countries want to exclude Russia from the international payment system SWIFTItaly, which had previously opposed Russia’s SWIFT ban, openly supported the boycott on Saturday if the rest of the European Union agreed.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte already said on Friday that the Netherlands is in favor of excluding Russia. France also has “no reservations” about denying Russia access to SWIFT, said Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire. Germany is not ruling out Russia’s ban, but has previously expressed reservations about the measure.

Some EU countries still doubt the sanction, because it also has important implications for the rest of the world. It takes a unanimous vote of 27 EU countries to remove Moscow from the system. The European Central Bank (ECB) and the European Commission are currently evaluating the consequences of such a measure. The United States is still considering supporting the sanction.

Due to the sanctions already imposed, KLM has canceled flights to the Russian cities of Moscow and Saint Petersburg.† Due to sanctions, KLM is not allowed to bring spare parts to Russia, not even for its own use. Therefore, the airline cannot guarantee that flights to Russia can return safely.

In many countries people protested against the Russian occupation. People took to the streets in England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and Japan. In the Netherlands, demonstrations were held at the MH17 monument in Vijfhuizen.

President Zelensky thanked tension Many countries for their open support for Ukraine.

Rutte promised Zelensky more military supplies for Ukraine. The prime minister called Zelensky again and assured him that the Netherlands would “send additional short-term military equipment to defend itself against Russian aggression”.

Shortly afterwards, the Ministry of Defense reported that the Netherlands had sent fifty anti-tank guns to Ukraine, along with four hundred rockets of German origin.

Rutte write He said that in addition to the 200 anti-aircraft missiles that the cabinet had previously delivered to Ukraine, there is an additional delivery.

Source: NU