Jelka van Houten and Henry van Loon play a couple in new comedy series

Jelka van Houten and Henry van Loon, who are in a relationship and have a child together, play in a new series a couple that has just had a child. BNNVARA series tropical yearsWhat can be seen from the beginning of April is all about the changes that parenthood entails.

“The scenes we shot were lifelike,” says Van Houten. “Sometimes we’d accidentally reshoot a scene at home, super recognizable.”

Van Loon loved playing with Van Houten. “You are fully aware. The funny thing is that the shooting days were the days when we made time for each other. We laughed a lot.” The two were previously seen together in a comedy series. Nothing to reportI

In addition to Van Houten and Van Loon, Eric van Sauers, Eva Crutzen, Dunya Khayame and Anna Drijver can also be seen in the ten-part series. The first episode will air on Sunday, April 3 at 8:35 PM.

Van Houten and Van Loon have been together since 2018. They welcomed their daughter Bonnie in November 2020.

Source: NU