Special task force against extreme behavior after calls on singers –

Cross-border behavior in the entertainment industry will be addressed by a dedicated working group. The Entertainment Industry Trade Association (NVPI) launched it after nearly 30 singers disclosed the harassment in an open letter a month ago.

“Immediately after the letter was published, we contacted a representative of these singers,” says Anne de Jong, director of NVPI.

“They sent a strong signal that we couldn’t ignore it or ignore it, so we decided to act immediately so we could identify the problem and build an inclusive industry where everyone feels safe – no matter what. ‘Age, gender, gender. , skin color, religion or whatever.’

The NVPI, which includes music companies, broadcasters and producers, wants the task force to investigate what is going on in the field of excessive behaviour, how this can be prevented and how victims can be offered adequate help. According to De Jong, “a culture change” is needed.

The singers wrote the letter in response to the much-discussed. BORED-to publish Voice of the NetherlandsThey argue that excessive behavior occurs in the music industry. Well-known names such as Glennis Grace, Claudia de Breij, Aafke Romeijn, Esmée Denters and Hadewych Minis signed the letter.

Source: NU