The Aqua are back on TV 25 years after Barbie Girl: this is how Amadeus reinvented the Festivalbar

Author: Gennaro Marco Duello

Anyone born in 1997 is now 25 years old, the same years as “Barbie Girl”, a wonder hit of Water. Who was born remember well the incredible success of this song Absurd accompanied by a color video filmed dozens of times a day by MTV. As a result, his announced return to Amadeus’ Suzuki Arena on television sparked sparks. There’s little to do: this show is the only true heir to the Festivalbar, thanks to the presence of the stars of the past. Another great photo of Rai and Amadeus: congratulations.

“Barbie Girl” was the single that in 1997 gave the name Aqua to eternity and to the top of the charts, also pushing the album released in 1998, “Aquarium”, to the top positions also in Italy. After that moment, there was no more opportunity for the Danish band to reappear in the charts of positions that matter; and just check out the streams on Spotify and the difference between Barbie Girl and all the other singles, to get an idea.

Not just Aqua. In the second episode of Arena Suzuki, Raf also stole the show – which for once we don’t only see on New Year’s Eve, amen – Rita Pavone (!!!), Eiffel 65, Jardim dos Fools (those from Limoeiro), Holly Johnson by Frankie Goes To Hollywood, the symbol of the 90’s Double You dance “Please don’t go.” Last but not least, Amadeus directly quoted Vittorio Salvetti, patron of Festivalbar and the grandeur of those years. There is nothing more powerful than nostalgia: it is the all-encompassing emotion, the magic of memories that envelops us all and allows us to free ourselves from many worries. It’s beautiful television in an established liturgy. Long live the Suzuki Arena that nothing was invented but somehow put those moments back on their feet: they repurposed and reinvented them. Amazing.

Gennaro Marco Duel

Gennaro Marco Duello (1983) is a professional journalist. Graduated in Communication Sciences from Suor Orsola Benincasa in Naples. He has worked at since 2011. “Un male purissimo” (Rogiosi, 2022) is his first novel.

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