NPO Zapp presents theme week about sexually transgressive behavior

NPO Zapp, NTR and EO are going to work together to make sexually excessive behavior a topic of discussion for children. This is what they do during the theme week There are borders! From Sunday 6 March to Saturday 12 March.

During the theme week, a Klokhuis special can be seen on television and various online series can be seen. Children learn what sexual abuse is, how to recognize sexual abuse and how to seek help. NPO Zapp, NTR and EO think it is important that children learn about extreme behavior and receive the message that victims are not alone and that the abuse is not their fault.

Research by the Rutgers Center for Sexuality Expertise shows that 14% of girls and 3% of boys have experienced sexual violence. According to Rutgers researchers, abuse is increasingly taking place online.

According to clinical psychologist Iva Bicanic of the Center for Sexual Violence (CSG), recognizing and openly discussing sexually restrictive behaviors is important to the disclosure process. “Children find it difficult to put into words their experiences of abuse because they do not yet understand what is happening. When they realize that, they realize it’s not a logical option because it’s going to have a huge impact.”

During and after the theme week, all programs about sexually extreme behavior can be found on the NPO Zapp site. For help or more information, children can contact De Kindertelefoon free of charge and anonymously: 0800-0432 or CSG can be reached 24 hours a day on 0800-0188.

Source: NU