Aurora Ramazzotti shows off her belly: the first maternity look is with a gray dress and blazer

Aurora Ramazzotti has confirmed that she is pregnant and now you can see her belly growing. Mom Michelle Hunziker: “You’re Beautiful”

Author: Beatrice Manca

After weeks of gossip and rumors, Aurora Ramazzotti confirmed the pregnancy with an ironic video filmed with her boyfriend Goffredo Cerza: daughter of Michelle Hunziker AND Eros Ramazzotti she is pregnant and the future grandparents couldn’t be happier. This is confirmed by her mother Michelle, who showed her daughter’s first maternity look on Instagram: “You are very beautiful – he tells her – you have a special light“.

Aurora Ramazzotti is chic during pregnancy

The TV presenter and influencer is always on the lookout for style and every look she shows is on-trend. Even during pregnancy, she doesn’t give up minidresses and amphibians: to visit her mother Michelle Hunziker, she chose a little gray dress with scalloped details. The tight line of the dress emphasizes the first roundness, which is not very accentuated. To complete the look Aurora Ramazzotti wore a maxi blazer, the perfect jacket for the first cold days, and a pair of black boots without socks.

Aurora Ramazzotti shows off her belly in a gray mini dress
Aurora Ramazzotti shows off her belly in a gray mini dress

Michelle Hunziker’s reaction: “You have a bright light”

Michelle Hunziker shared the images of the visit on Instagram, highlighting her daughter’s beauty: “Let me take a look at you – he tells her – you have a bright, particular light… if I didn’t know you I would say you’re pregnant!In fact, Aurora Ramazzotti is radiant and shines without makeup, looking serene and happy with the arrival of a child. Mother and daughter are under twenty years old and are absolutely complicit: Michelle Hunziker will be a very young grandmother and she is already happy with the idea!

Source: Fan Page IT