Pio and Amedeo attack Elena Guarnieri in Rg5 before Emigratis, she: “I beg the director’s forgiveness”

Pio and Amedeo before the start of Emigratis to close the afternoon edition of Tg5, they overloaded journalist Elena Guarnieri to announce the start of their show: “A little lightness, let’s go”.

Author: Gaia Martino

Last night the first episode of Emigratis – The confrontationthe spectacle of Pio and Amedeo traveling the world looking for VIPs to ask for money. The first victims of the Puglia comic duo were Mahmood, Elisabetta Franchi, Roberto Bolle, Ronaldinho, Sebastien Frey, Marco Verratti, but before them the presenter of Rg5 Elena Guarnieri. Before the start of Emigratis Pio and Amedeo stole the spotlight at the end of the Canale 5 news: “A little lightness come“.

Pio and Amedeo unexpectedly close Rg5

Elena Guarnieri closed Tg5 last night announcing Emigratis’ first engagement, smiling as she warned viewers that the comic book duo was present at the studio. “There’s Pio and Amedeo, I have to close it because I’m afraid they’ll care” said the presenter before being surprised by the two Puglians who, after making her wear the iconic orange glasses, started taking selfies with her. “I apologize to my manager” adds the journalist, before being kissed on the cheek by Pio Dantini. “Don’t worry, hello beautiful” the last words of the comedians.

The first episode of Emigratis – The Confrontation

At the first meeting of the show at Canale 5 Pio and Amedeo visited Elisabetta Franchi, a famous designer who recently ended up at the center of controversy for his statements about women and work. The comedians met comrade Alan Scarpellini: “You understand how to do it, women to work and men not to do shit”. Then it was time to Mahmood who not only had to empty his pockets but also hand over his earrings. The two profiteers also met Ronaldinho, Sébastien Frey, Marco Verratti and Neymar, dancing in a loincloth to remember the Carioca Carnival.

Source: Fan Page IT