Gf Vip, Marco Bellavia provoked tears in the Chamber, Bruganelli: “White against him”

The episode of Big Brother Vip on Thursday, September 29, opens with a parenthesis dedicated to the relationship between Pamela Prati and Marco Bellavia. The man recognizes that he is in trouble and momentarily renounces knowledge of him. Sonia Bruganelli supports him: “The platoon is against him”.

Author: Stefania Rocco

The pseudo-romantic parenthesis between Marco Bellavia and Pamela Prati for the Big Brother VIP. On Thursday’s September 29 episode, the presenter admitted to taking a step back. “I’m not in balance, first I start a story with myself and only then with someone else”, admitted the man who is experiencing a moment of evident difficulty. His teammates don’t seem to support him. There are several who have mocked him about the crisis he has lived through in recent hours, an aspect that columnist Sonia Bruganelli highlighted: “I have a little blood embarrassment towards Marco. In the early days he tried to bring joy. So he’s realizing he’s joined a group where nobody cares about him. He is in trouble and therefore the pack eats him. With Pamela they are separate people. Pamela doesn’t need Marco, but he, at this moment, taking a step back, is asking for help.“.

Pamela Prati: “I don’t want Marco Bellavia in my bed”

Not even Pamela seems inclined to start a love story. “Nothing has started yet, it’s just a sympathy. I have reservations because I don’t know him. And then he sleeps with Georgia. sleeping with me? Are you kidding Alfonso? No”, the showgirl told conductor Alfonso Signorini. Marco himself took a step back: “I’ve had some glitches in the last few hours. When it’s okay with me, I’ll think about Pamela too. Now I’m not well, I’m not in balance and that’s why I don’t approach Pamela“. Gegia then specified that Marco sleeps with her, an aspect that doesn’t bother Prati: “I’m not complaining that he sleeps with Gegia, that’s fine. I don’t want it in my bed, it’s not for me“.

Charlie Gnocchi: “Marco has never had a woman like Pamela”

Charlie Gnocchi had a different opinion, according to whom Marco would have fallen in love with Pamela: “A he a woman like Pamela never happened. He trembles when he talks about her, he tells everyone about it. He sees her as a goddess“. But Marco intends to proceed with leaden feet: “When I’m in balance, I’ll look with Pamela for the right moment“. The last word for the dancer: “My thought is that I don’t know him. I find him a respectable and polite person. At the moment it made me smile“.

Source: Fan Page IT